Meet Evan Favaro: Custom Bike Builder + Entrepreneur

Episode #19 of the Motorcycle Knuckle Busters podcast. Enjoy the ride…

Episode #19 of the Motorcycle Knuckle Busters podcast. Evan Favaro, Owner of Speakeasy Motors, is also the Former Creative Director / Fabricator of Orange County Choppers. He is currently working on his newest project, Speakeasy Motors Whiskey Co.

Ethel 1981 Yamaha XS650

Ethel 1981 Yamaha XS650

This bike is named after Evan’s grandmother. This Yamaha XS650 shows Evan’s builder chops with a bike that features a custom frame, frontend, saddle, exhaust and controls to name a few.


Winner Evan Favaro

Artist Atomic Bob presents the winning custom lid and Evan Favaro takes the big check

Meet IRONe Builder Evan Favaro

Who doesn’t want a gas tank on their electric chopper?

Evan Favaro of Speakeasy Motors built a custom Electric Chopper for the Flying Piston Benefit in 2021. His canvas for choice on the build is the The IRONe 16 Harley-Davidson electric bike. 

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