Meet Scott Jacobs: The Original Harley-Davidson Artist

Episode #24 of the Motorcycle Knuckle Busters podcast. Enjoy our next guest, Scott Jacobs…

Scott Jacobs is an American painter known for his photorealistic work of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He became the company’s first official licensed artist in 1993. Born in New Jersey, Jacobs currently lives with his family in South Dakota.

He’s been a Harley-Davidson licensed artist for almost 30 years. He continues to create original, transcendent works of photorealistic art.

Scott’s images can also be seen on many objects from limited edition graphics to Franklin Mint Collector Plates, coffee mugs, beach towels, clocks, and many others. In 2010, he released his second coffee table book, The Art of Scott Jacobs — The Complete Works which showcases works as early as the late 80s.

Meet Scott Jacobs Podcast

In 2016, Scott and family moved their operations from CA and opened Jacobs Gallery in Deadwood, SD. You can see original paintings and a large collection of vintage Harley-Davidson’s on display in this historic, western town.

Scott Jacobs’ Fine Art Gallery and Vintage Motorcycle Museum is located on Main Street, Deadwood, SD.

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