Interview NASCAR Rusty Wallace,  Owner of Southern Country Customs

Episode #23 of the Motorcycle Knuckle Busters podcast. Enjoy our next guest, NASCAR Rusty Wallace, Owner of Southern Country Customs..

NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace & Son Stephen Wallace are on the Throttle with SCC.

Rusty Wallace was inducted into the NASCAR hall of fame in 2013. Now he teams up with his youngest son, Stephen. 

Southern Country Customs is a premier builder of custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles. SCC operates from a 15,000-square-foot facility in the heart of NASCAR country in North Charlotte.

SCC operates with only one goal in mind: to build the world’s baddest custom Harley-Davidsons. Infused with their racing DNA, our bikes don’t just look good. We make sure that they also have the performance you’d expect from a racing legend.

SCC builds the world’s baddest custom Harley-Davidsons infused with racing DNA


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