But first, let’s talk about the Deck – Lowrider crossover skate decks, also known as cruiser skateboards or longboards, are designed for cruising and transportation rather than tricks and stunts. They typically have a wider and longer deck shape for stability and a smoother ride.

Lowrider Cross Over Skate Deck Art

Lowrider Cross Over Skate Deck Art

Lowrider Cross Over Skate Deck Art – Tintaz Custom Skateboard Decks

Izzy, of Tintaz Auto Art
Izzy, of Tintaz Auto Art in Buena Park, California, found himself admiring skateboard decks, which were painted with flames and skulls at his local paint supply store. Izzy used to sketch them out, but he has done so many that he now free-hands the designs from scratch! For more information on Izzy, check out his profile on MotorTrend.

What is Lowrider Art: Lowrider art is a unique and vibrant form of artistic expression closely associated with the lowrider car culture, particularly in Mexican-American and Chicano communities. It encompasses various artistic mediums such as painting, murals, pinstriping, upholstery, and custom detailing.

The art often features intricate designs, vivid colors, and symbolism that reflect cultural heritage, identity, and personal stories.

Key features of lowrider art include:

Mural Painting: Many lowrider vehicles are adorned with elaborate mural paintings on the exterior, often depicting scenes that hold cultural significance or tell a story.

Pinstriping: Pinstriping involves fine lines and intricate designs painted onto a car’s surface. It adds a layer of sophistication and artistry to the vehicle’s appearance.

Upholstery: The interior of lowrider cars is often customized with upholstered seats, dashboards, and headliners. These can feature embroidered patterns, logos, or personalized designs.

Hydraulics: Lowrider cars are known for their hydraulic suspension systems that allow the vehicle to bounce, tilt, and dance. This aspect of customization contributes to the overall visual spectacle.

Iconography: Lowrider art often incorporates symbols like Virgen de Guadalupe, Aztec motifs, religious imagery, and references to Mexican-American culture.

Cultural Expression: Lowrider art is a means of celebrating cultural heritage, resistance, and pride. It has its roots in the Chicano civil rights movement and serves as a way to assert identity.

Community Bonding: Lowrider events and shows provide spaces for artists and enthusiasts to showcase their work and connect with like-minded individuals.

Evolution: Over the years, lowrider art has evolved to incorporate contemporary elements while staying true to its cultural roots.

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