Atomic Bob – A Favorite Motorcycle Monster Artist

We first met up with Atomic Bob at the International Motorcycle Show in NYC while he pinstriped Bell Custom 500 lids for Soul Customs, ( a motorcycle lifestyle company, out of Michigan. Since then, Soul Customs has become a metal art company.

Atomic Bob is the Pied Piper of Lowbrow Art. He takes his brushes and paint on the road and mixes styles from underground comix, punk music, and hot-rod culture on just about anything placed in front of him.

The Atomic one donates his time and efforts to the Flying Piston. He is part of the 2022 Flying Piston Benefit, Sturgis Edition.

Atomic Bob Monster Artist

Atomic Bob Monster Artist Fills in the Monster for a Commission from Yelvington

Atomic Bob - Our Favorite Motorcycle Monster Artist

Atomic Bob – Art Ready For a T-Shirt

Hair Technology

Atomic Bob uses a specialty brush known as a pinstriping brush made out of squirrel hair. He has his own unique style as well as inspired by Hot Rods stripers of the Kustom Kulture like Von Dutch, Dean Jeffries and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

From Bandit, Editor & Jack Daniels Emeritus

I was so moved by their professionalism and Bob’s talents I commissioned them with two artistic pieces to inspire our Bonneville streamlined trike project. That was the start of a magnificent dual project with amazing results. Bob is no slow-moving artistic prima donna. He moved quickly with sketches, was completely receptive to suggestions, and knocked me out with final results, a complete professional.

Salt Torpedo by Atomic Bob

Salt Torpedo by Atomic Bob

From Dr. Jack Tequila. Dr. Jack has two passions, motorcycles and tequila. He resides on a sailboat in the port city of Wilmington, NC. From time to time, Dr. Jack will throw a few tidbits and observations our way. We asked him about working with Atomic Bob.

He’s a talent. And a mutant. There’s something wrong with him, something very, very wrong with him. Something seriously wrong. But he’s an American.

Atomic Bob Does Monsters

Atomic Bob Does Monsters

We asked Atomic Bob a few Questions:

Flying Piston Benefit:

    • How did you get started on the path of Lowbrow Art?

Atomic Bob: It all began on a hot as hades day in the summer of 2009. After art school there was no company to work for, so I decided to go freelance.

Flying Piston Benefit: Talk about Lowbrow art?

Atomic Bob: For me it is monsters and weird stuff, pinstriping and illustration. I’m also a student of history. Lowbrow, or lowbrow art, is an underground visual art movement that arose in the Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1960s.

Flying Piston Benefit: How long does it take to pinstripe a lid?

Atomic Bob: The pinstripe with lettering required 2 – 4 hours.

Flying Piston Benefit: Where can people find your art?

Atomic Bob: Check me out on Instagram at

Flying Piston Benefit: How much does a custom lid run?

Atomic Bob: Hmm, from $150 to $600. A lot of people send me their stuff and we get it turned around pretty quickly.

Using the same paint as he uses while pinstriping,1 Shot, Atomic Bob utilizes oil-based lettering enamels that deliver vibrancy, flexibility, and durability. The Atomic one is known for his clean and sharp lines as well as his outstanding creativity.

Atomic Bob Monster Artist

Atomic Bob – A Favorite Motorcycle Monster Artist

Enthusiasts enjoy a custom helmet with an original art piece to go along with it. Many of his clients like to give Atomic Bob a freehand when creating their designs, letting his creativity work, it’s magic.


Carl Pusser 2021 Strider Builder

This is the Lowbrow Art characticture of Builder  Carl Pusser of Walkin’ Tall Cycles from East Peoria, IL. He has been building and riding custom bikes for close to 40 years.  To see what he built for the FLying Piston Benefit, CLick Here.

Monster Artist

Atomic Bob also works with organizations in the industry like Kirsh Helmets

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