Carl Pusser 2021 Strider Builder

Carl and Cindy Pusser

Carl Pusser 2021 Strider Builder

Builder Carl Pusser of Walkin’ Tall Cycles in East Peoria, IL, has been building and riding custom bikes for close to 40 years.

He feels fortunate to have had Arlen Ness, Ron Finch, and other impactful customizers as inspiration over his career. Carl has won multiple awards and shows and has been featured on magazine covers worldwide.

“It has been a privilege and honor to have and been recognized as a top builder and a mentor to the up and coming guys,” he said.

Tiny Custom Built By Carl Pusser & his Grand Daughter

Tiny Custom Built By Carl Pusser & his Grandaughter

2 Happy builders

Happy builders with a job well done!

“I’m even more humbled by doing the little Strider.Custom along with my granddaughter Jocelyn. This has taught her patience and humble beginnings. Not everyone is as fortunate. It was done from the heart.”

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The Flying Piston Benefit is delighted to have an all-star group of builders for the 2021 Flying Piston Benefit Custom Strider program. The design parameters are wide open so we are expecting some out-of-the-box thinking and customization.

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