Congratulations to Alex Conner!, Winner of the Art on Deck Competition

UPDATE: The polls in the contest portion of the ART ON DECK skateboard art contest and auction have closed.

Congratulations to Alex Connor for winning to contest! Alex wins $200 courtesy of Gnarly Magazine and Flying Piston Benefit.

Remember, you can bid on this skateboard art at the Flying Piston Benefit silent auction on March 4th. Check out all the skate decks at the auction here.

We have a winner: Alex Conner!

We have a winner: Alex Conner!

Alex Conner said this about his award winning skate deck:

This board is somewhat of a culmination of every skill and interest I’ve developed in my life. With a strong photographic background, I use my own images of models or objects and distort them in different ranges. The main subject must be legible from a distance even after converting it to a halftone while committing to the psychedelic influence. For the theme of this charity auction, I observed specifically Stanley Mouse’s compositional motifs and draw from the black and white illustrative characters with their neon colors topping it off. I strive to create what hasn’t been seen and can not be replicated while paying homage to the many styles that have come before me.


Twenty artists from around the USA competed in the Flying Piston Benefit’s Art on Deck Competition presented by Gnarly Magazine competition.

Alex Conner takes the win and the $200 for the Flying Piston Benefit’s Art on Deck Competition presented by Gnarly Magazine.


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