2024 Sturgis “Art on Deck” Presented by Gnarly Magazine Features 60’s Psychedelic Art

Gnarly Magazine selects 20 artists from across the country to participate in the Sturgis edition of the Flying Piston. The art theme is 1960’s Psychedelic art. It’s represented by artists like Peter Max, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, Martin Sharp, and Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley.

All of the 2024 Art on Deck Artists are competing online at Gnarly Magazine with each artist:

  • Designing a skate deck
  • Competing in the Art on Deck presented by Gnarly Magazine online competition
  • Providing the custom deck for the Flying Piston Benefit online auction

Meet the 2024 Sturgis “Art on Deck” Presented by Gnarly Magazine Artists

The Winning Skate Deck Board

The winning Sturgis 2024 Art on Deck Artist receives $200 in prize money. Each deck will be auctioned off at the silent auction at the Flying Piston Benefit breakfast on Sunday, August 4th @ the Buffalo Chip.

Where the Proceeds Go

Proceeds from the auction are used to provide bikes to Kindergartner PE classes across the US. With the help from the Flying Piston Benefit, over 1,000 schools have received bikes and over 200,000 kids have learned to ride.

About the 60’s Psychedelic Art Movement

Psychedelic Art Movement began in the mid-1960s and had an effect not only on music but also on many aspects of popular culture. This includes lifestyle, clothing, language, art, literature and philosophy.

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Flying Piston Benefit Sturgis AuctionAbout The Flying Piston: The  Flying Piston Benefit is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News &  Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing.  Funds are raised to train kindergartners on how to ride bikes by donating balance bikes to P.E. kindergartner classes. We’ve assisted in training over 200,000 kids across the USA. We also focus on VETS. To help out and to join the team, click here. 

Image: Header image by Dan Dermott at @dandermott, an Artist, Creator, and Imagineer.