Meet Custom Trike, Harley, and Strider Bike Builder & Racer Rodney Smith

Meet Rodney Smith: Custom Strider Builder

Meet Rodney Smith: Custom Strider Builder

Rodney Smith owns Southeastern Customs in Holden Beach North Carolina. He has been building motorcycles for about 15 years and has had fun doing it.

He grew up around and worked in his Dad’s custom upholstery shop where they built custom cars and vans.

“My style is not to borrow from other builders but to come up with different ideas. I get inspiration from all kinds of influences, like the furniture world for colors, the automotive world for design, and the industrial world for shapes. So I like to borrow from many different places.”

We were southeastern division champs in the truck class in International Show Car Association (ISCA).  They also did the upholstery on a national championship 1931 Lincoln.

Rodney does all of his own fabrication, design, paint, and assembly. He has won the Daytona Rat’s Hole trike class and has been featured in several magazines.

His trikes are outstanding and have a muscle car theme.

Meet Rodney Smith: Custom Strider Builder

Rodney Smith Builds Exciting 3-Wheelers

Plan on attending the 2022 Sturgis Flying Piston Benefit Builder Breakfast on August 7th and meeting Rodney Smith in person!

To see his work, check out his Instagram Page –  @southeasterncustoms.

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2022 Flying Piston Benefit Sturgis Auction

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