Custom Strider Build from Pat Patterson of LED SLED for the 2018 Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast in Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip breakfast.
Custom Strider Build from Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson on one of his custom bikes. February 6, 2012. Photography ©2012 Michael Lichter.

When we pitched the idea of customizing a tiny Strider bicycle to Led Sled’s Pat Patterson, there was no hesitation. “Sure,” he said, “both my kids learned on them and never needed training wheels. They were riding pedal bikes by age 3.”

How he managed to fit the job into his other work is a mystery; Led Sled runs flat out all the time. But once the day of the unveiling got closer, Pat got to work and met the deadline, with at least a couple of hours to spare.

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Custom Strider Build from Pat PattersonHe told us he patterned the Strider Custom after his “Naked Truth” bike; that’s the full size custom motorcycle he built in 2015 for the Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycles As Art exhibition. Curated by Michael Lichter, the Naked Truth theme that year focused on bare metal, form, and craftsmanship – no paint or graphics.Custom Strider Build from Pat Patterson

So with holes drilled through the Strider frame and welded detail added to finish them off, the Led Sled Strider took on stealthy, badass leanings that belie it’s tiny size. The “swingarm” and front fork got similar touches to integrate the theme perfectly. Lastly, solid black wheels sealed the deal on a custom ride any kid would be stoked to pilot. Custom Strider Build from Pat Patterson

Flying Piston Benefit Custom Strider Class of 2018

The 2018 Strider builders are Rick Fairless, Brian Fuller, Paul Yaffe, Jody Perewitz, Kirk Taylor, Pat Patterson, and Motorcycle Missions.

About Flying Piston Benefit: The Flying Piston Benefit is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News and Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing. The event and silent auction supports veterans issues and the motorcycle industry through fundraisers for non-profits and individuals.

Each Flying Piston Benefit provides a silent auction that is art-oriented and also includes unique and collectible items.

Each event also doubles as an industry get together where enthusiasts, businessmen and women, custom builders, athletes, and artists come together to socialize, enjoy breakfast and support a worthy cause.

To get involved, contact Marilyn Stemp at our contact page or text her at 828-205-8482.

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Auctioned Off at Mecum Auctions

The 2018 class of Strider Rider Customs were auctioned off in January by Mecum Auctions during their Las Vegas event. ( The 2019 class of builders started after the auction. The list is here.