2024 Sturgis Flying Piston Benefit

2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders at the Flying Piston Benefit

Check Out the 2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders particpating at the 2024 Flying Piston Benefit on August 4th at the Buffalo Chip Campground
Meet the Builders

2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: Sturgis

Builder Scott Lerg at the 2024 Flying Piston Benefit

Builder Scott Lerg

Scott Lerg is a dedicated professional in the motorcycle industry, known for his long-standing association with BAKER Drivetrain and his passion for riding. Born with an innate curiosity and a love for vehicles.

Scott joined BAKER Drivetrain in 2001 while still a senior in high school. His first role was to build wooden boxes and crates for shipping transmissions. This entry-level job marked the beginning of a significant career in the field of drivetrain manufacturing and design. Recognizing his potential, Scott pursued further education at Michigan State University, specializing in CAD and CNC/Machining.

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2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: Sturgis

Tim ScatesTim Scates, Waller, TX

I’ve been lucky enough to build bikes as a hobby & have had the pleasure of having them featured in Easyriders Magazine & multiple others.  

Also, I have one of my bikes in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.  Now, I have the honor of building a Strider bike as well!



2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: Sturgis

Jeff Zieliniski: NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Jeff ZieliniskiI was raised by in a wonderful family with two older brothers that made sure I stayed out of trouble. In my mother’s eyes, I could do no wrong but I think my dad knew better. Through my early teenage years of applying body filler to my 1949 Ford, hiding dirt bikes at a friend’s house so my parents wouldn’t find out or hearing my father say, “no motorcycles while you live under my roof” was reason enough for me to be hesitant but it didn’t stop my lust for the two wheeled dream.

All the new chrome looked great but about that ugly wiring? I thought, what about covering the electrical wiring with stainless steel braiding, great idea. My bike was really getting a lot of attention at local shows for be super clean and detailed.  After taking first place at a show, a fellow enthusiast said to me, “you should start a business braiding wiring harnesses” so I did.

In 1999 I created NAMZ Custom Cycle Products, Inc. Over 25 years later, we are a global distributor and a manufacturer of wiring harnesses and electrical components. NAMZ products have been distributed since 2000 starting with the Arlen Ness Catalog and now we are in most after-market catalogs worldwide. We are leading a contract manufacturer of wiring harnesses, pigtails and other electrical components for many companies within the motorcycle industry.


2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: Sturgis

Ricky “Bongos” Galecki

Ricky Bongos has been a staple in the Chopper cRICKY BONGOSommunity building custom motorcycles professionally since 2001 out of his first shop in NYC. Upon his move to Las Vegas 2008, he began designing and fabricating his own line of custom chopper parts. 

Always having a passion promoting and supporting 100% American made products, he realized there was a void for a catalog featuring only USA products like his own. In 2018 he founded USA PARTS CO which now features 30+ American Made brands, with quick shipping from a new centrally located warehouse in Houston, TX.

Ricky included his two young sons in this Strider build, asking their advice on style and design at the start then bringing them into the shop to turn wrenches, too.

Ricky included his two young sons in this Strider build, asking their advice on style and design at the start then bringing them into the shop to turn wrenches, too.

You can be sure to find Ricky throwing his Wild Vegas Chopper Party at motorcycle rallies all over the USA!


Dazzlin’ from Bling Devas & Kenny Piefer

This will be collaborative build by Kenny Piefer – Boulder Choppers Custom Bike builder and National President of Motorcycle Ministry Soldiers For Jesus and “Dazzlin” Venturo – Award winning custom builder and President and Founder of an all female motorcycle club the Bling Devas a moto journalist and motorcycle rights activist.

We are building A Custom FXR Strider that’s ready to rip some twisties and carve some canyons while it sparkles and shines.   BRAPPPPP!!!

2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: Sturgis

Kenny PieferKenny Piefer – Boulder Choppers

I first started riding motorcycles when I was five years old. I got my first Harley at 17 and I joined a motorcycle club in Oakland California, in my 20s.

I don’t want to mention because I am in another motorcycle club, soldiers or Jesus now. I’ve been working on motorcycles and building them for 35 years.

I liked it better when we were the outcast of society. Now the new people that are riding bikes go to the nearest Harley fashion mall to fondle leather and console themselves with the platitudes of Dr. Phil. The grease and the dirt underneath my fingernails are not just a fashion statement. It’s a way of life.

2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: Sturgis

“Dazzlin” Shannon Venturo, Full Throttle Law & Bling Devas MC

Dazzlin Shannon VenturoAfter 20 years as an executive for The Cheesecake Factory, Dazzlin’ is the Managing Director of Brand Development for Full Throttle Law and the President of an all-female motorcycle club, Bling Devas MC.

Dazzlin is a “late bloomer” to the motorcycle industry, not learning to ride her own until she was 47. But making up for lost time, Dazzlin rode all 48 States in just eleven days in July. 156 hours of seat time.

She’s a fast track “left lane bully” and an accomplished builder, having won Easyrider several times, IMS Build-Off once with two bikes in the same show, and countless other shows. Her signature bikes are “both a beauty and a beast”, built for performance on the open road or at the track. Dazzlin likes to build daily rider show bikes!

She is credited with starting the crystallized motorcycle trend over 12 years ago. Her most recent CVO Harley Street Glide, has over 160,000 Swarovski crystals, in an hombre pattern, the first of its kind.

Her collaboration on this little FXR Strider Bike,with her personal performance builder Kenny Piefer, is the highlight of her year. Kenny and their great friend Bernie at Boulder Choppers have a great time at Kenny’s shop. Kenny has been an amazing mentor and pastor.

When Dazzlin isn’t doing motorcycle sh*t, which isn’t often, she loves to cook, enjoy her family, and her cute little dog Flossy. She maintains a zest for life and a positive outlook.  Her mantra? Rise and GRIND, sparkle and shine. Ride, rest, repeat.


2024 Strider Custom Bike Builders: SturgisJon Coffey – Blockhead Moto



Miguel Sameniego Lanesplitters



Nick Trask



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People ask that all the time, “Where are the New Motorcycle Riders?” Well, we have looked high and low and found them.

Right now, they’re in kindergarten! And we support the sport of motorcycling by starting kids out on the right path: on 2 wheels! Proceeds from the breakfast and auction put bike riding programs into P.E. classes across the US. Also, a portion of the proceeds goes to Motorcycle Missions, supporting veterans with PTSD.


Flying Piston Benefit Sturgis AuctionAbout The Flying Piston: The  Flying Piston Benefit is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News &  Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing.  Funds are raised to train kindergartners on how to ride bikes by donating balance bikes to P.E. kindergartner classes. We’ve assisted in training over 200,000 kids across the USA. We also focus on VETS. To help out and to join the team, click here. 

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