Builder Scott Lerg at the 2024 Flying Piston Benefit

The 411 on Custom Strider Builder Scott Lerg

Custom Strider Builder Scott Lerg

Custom Strider Builder Scott Lerg

Scott Lerg is a dedicated professional in the motorcycle industry, known for his long-standing association with BAKER Drivetrain and his passion for riding. Born with an innate curiosity and a love for vehicles, Scott’s journey began at a very young age and has been marked by his continuous commitment to innovation and excellence.

Scott joined BAKER Drivetrain in 2001 while still a senior in high school. His first role was to build wooden boxes and crates for shipping transmissions. This entry-level job marked the beginning of a significant career in the field of drivetrain manufacturing and design. Recognizing his potential, Scott pursued further education at Michigan State University, specializing in CAD and CNC/Machining. His technical expertise was further honed through his work with TPJ Concepts, where he engaged in design and fabrication projects for several years.

Scott’s love for riding started early. He first learned to ride a tricycle at the age of three or four, quickly advancing to a pedal bike by the age of four or five. His introduction to motorized rides came at the age of eight, riding his grandpa’s scooter. The joy of riding was a family affair, as evidenced by Christmas when he was ten and he and his siblings received a 4-wheeler. This early exposure to various forms of riding cemented his lifelong passion for being on two wheels.

At the age of 18, Scott acquired his first Harley, a 1997 Buell S1 Lightning, marking the beginning of his journey with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. His enthusiasm for riding extends to his role as an uncle to four nephews and a niece. Scott actively encourages them to embrace the joy of riding, providing them with Strider bikes to start their journey on two wheels.

In 2024, he further demonstrated his commitment by purchasing a custom Stacyc bike by Freddie Arnold at the Daytona Flying Piston Benefit breakfast, ensuring his young relatives have the best start in their riding adventures.


Custom STACYC Bikes @ the Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

His passion for motorsports extends beyond leisurely riding. He has participated in various forms of racing, including pit bike racing, observed trials, and drag racing, all on two wheels. Scott’s competitive spirit and love for speed also lead him to participate in track days with his Porsche 911, showcasing his versatility and dedication to mastering both motorcycles and high-performance cars.
Scott Lerg’s story is one of dedication, passion, and a lifelong commitment to the motorcycle and automotive community.

Custom Builder Scott Lerg at the 2024 Flying Piston Benefit

Custom Builder Scott Lerg Building a Custom Strider at the 2024 Flying Piston Benefit

From his early days at BAKER Drivetrain to his continued efforts to promote riding among the younger generation, Scott embodies the spirit of innovation and enthusiasm that drives the industry forward.

    We are excited that our Custom Strider Builder Scott Lerg has joined us at the Flying Piston Benefit on August 4th at the Buffalo Chip. To see more, check out the 2024 Flying Piston Benefit Event page.
    – Marilyn Stemp, Co-Producer

People ask that all the time, “Where are the New Motorcycle Riders?” Well, we have looked high and low and found them.

Right now, they’re in kindergarten! And we support the sport of motorcycling by starting kids out on the right path: on 2 wheels! Proceeds from the breakfast and auction put bike riding programs into P.E. classes across the US. Also, a portion of the proceeds goes to Motorcycle Missions, supporting veterans with PTSD.


Flying Piston Benefit Sturgis AuctionAbout The Flying Piston: The  Flying Piston Benefit is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News &  Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing.  Funds are raised to train kindergartners on how to ride bikes by donating balance bikes to P.E. kindergartner classes. We’ve assisted in training over 200,000 kids across the USA. We also focus on VETS. To help out and to join the team, click here.