Welcome our 2024 Custom STACYC Builders! They are embarking on an electrifying journey as they transform tiny electric STACYC bikes into awe-inspiring works of art, blending innovation with craftsmanship to redefine the limits of two-wheeled creativity. To get the latest on the 2024 Daytona Edition of the Flying Piston Benefit, click here.  

Meet Our 2024 Custom STACYC Builders:

2024 Custom STACYC Builders
Athena “Chickie” Ransom a.k.a. “The Vagabond Chickie” started as a new rider in 1982, learning the ins and outs of motorcycles from her guy at the time, and the parts counter of an aftermarket shop working for a racing legend. The lessons she learned about motorcycles and the encounters with parts and people proved to be the driving forces to a passion-based career in the motorcycle world.

Chopping and building roadworthy machines is her life. Just ask her sidekick “Donny Gee Whiz” who is enamored with her creativity and true determination to keep it all pretty and practical.

“She keeps in mind reliability all the while wanting it to look aesthetically correct or ‘pretty,’ as she puts it,” said Don.

Athena enjoys doing charity and corporate builds also – especially if she has the freedom to design and build according to her mood. Yes, she admits it: her mood matters!

When asked why she pursued a career in the male dominated motorcycle industry, Athena will tell you that she believes passion is not gender specific, however respect and hard work aren’t either.

Vanessa Klock is the Vice President/CFO and driving force behind the global brand Klock Werks. She got her start in the motorcycle industry at British Customs, focusing on Triumph motorcycles.

After meeting Brian Klock, Vanessa’s focus turned to all motorcycles and heavily V-Twin driven products. Since their marriage in 2018, she has customized several different models in her tenure with Klock Werks and is currently focused on both a stock and a custom ’89 Harley Davidson FXR.

She made her first couple passes at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2021 under the guidance of the Buell Sisters program and, as luck would have it, also blew up her first motorcycle on one of those passes.

2024 Custom STACYC Builders

As a third generation Harley biker, Bob was bit by the motorcycle bug at 10 years old. That was when two Panheads, with their riders dressed in jeans, white t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves and engineer boots, pulled into the driveway of his family’s home to see his dad.

In 1992 Bob became a vice president and the general manager of Bikers Choice. In 2002, he joined American Iron Horse as Chief Operations Officer and in 2005 accepted a position with Hard Bikes as Vice President of Sales.”

Bob is currently leading the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket, a sub-set of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, to protect the right to repair and modify motorcycles for independent dealers and custom builders. .

“I have worked in the motorcycle industry my entire adult life and my passion for motorcycles and the biker culture is as strong today as it was for that awestruck 10-year-old boy 60 years ago.”


2024 Custom STACYC Builders
Freddie Arnold heads up Hickory Flat Hot Rods in  Canton GA.

Hickory Flat Hot Rods is a term used to describe a group of classic car enthusiasts who reside in or around the city of Hickory Flat, Georgia. These individuals share a passion for restoring and maintaining vintage automobiles, particularly those from the 1950s and 1960s. The group often organizes car shows and other events to showcase their vehicles and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Arnold builds Old School Choppers and Bobbers,  Custom Cars and Motorcycles for over 40 years. He;s been featured in numerous publication over the last 15 years.

He’s a proud member of HAMSTERS USA.

2024 Custom STACYC Builders

Ricky Bongos has been a staple in the Chopper community building custom motorcycles professionally since 2001 out of his first shop in NYC. Upon his move to Las Vegas 2008, he began designing and fabricating his own line of custom chopper parts. 

Always having a passion promoting and supporting 100% American made products, he realized there was a void for a catalog featuring only USA products like his own. In 2018 he founded USA PARTS CO which now features 30+ American Made brands, with quick shipping from a new centrally located warehouse in Houston, TX.

 You can be sure to find Ricky throwing his Wild Vegas Chopper Party at motorcycle rallies all over the USA! 

Flying Piston Benefit Sturgis AuctionAbout The Flying Piston: The  Flying Piston Benefit is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News & Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing.  

Their work raises funds for non-profits and individuals in the motorcycle community, including vets, and kindergartners. To help out and to join the team, click here.