2021 Sturgis Art On Deck Competition


Flying Piston Benefit & Gnarly Magazine Present the 2021 Sturgis Art On Deck Competition

We are excited to be working with Gnarly Magazine again to present the 2021 Sturgis Art On Deck, a custom culture feature.  Enthusiasts attending the Flying Piston Benefit and Builder Breakfast will be treated to some cool products that they can slip into their saddlebags.

Artists + Enthusiasts Compete – 12 artists will compete for the Gnarly Magazine grand prize. Enthusiasts compete in the silent auction to win a skate deck at the Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast on Sunday, August 8th. Breakfast starts at 9:30AM.

12 Artists On Deck @ 2021 Daytona Skateboard Competition
  1. Chad Sinkhorn – Danville KY – @chadsinkhorn
  2. Jessie Smith – Attleboro MA – @troublemakingpinstriper
  3. Jason Wharton – Salisbury MD – @jasonwhartonart
  4. Mike Richardson – Wake Forest NC – @rebelsoulstudio
  5. Brandon Dellinger – Peachland NC – @brandondellinger
  6. Brandon Clark – Lake Worth Beach FL – @roguescholardesign
  7. William Durrant – Stuart FL – @Dimorphic_art
  8. Christopher Gutierrez – Garland TX – @Wetter_da_betrr
  9. Jenny James – Loma CO – @pigmentgypsy
  10. Augustine Mattei – Las Vegas NV – @Immortal_kreations
  11. Cyle George – Blythe Ca – @cylegeorge
  12. Eric Wilkins – Perris Ca – @blackhousekreations

Meet IRONe Builder Evan Favaro

Want to meet all the Tiny Strider Bike Custom Builders and get the details on the auction items? Surf Over to the 2021 Sturgis Flying Piston Event page.
About the GnarlyMagazine.com Skateboard Art Contest

$200 Grand Prize

Gnarly Magazine & Flying Piston Benefits are teaming up for a Skateboard Art Auction and Skateboard Art Contest.

Skateboard artist will offer their talents and create a work of art on a blank skateboard deck that will be auctioned off at the Daytona Flying Piston Builder Breakfast/Auction on Sunday, August 8th.

Skateboard artists will be participating in an online contest for a chance to win a $200 cash prize.  The contest will be held on Monday, August 9th at 9am EST.