2021 Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast in Black and White
Who Do You Know?

6 degrees feet of separation – We bet you know someone from the event. If you are in the industry then using the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation suggests that that anyone involved in the motorcycle industry can be linked through their roles to Flying Piston within six steps.

Ok, so welcome to the picture gallery for the 2021 Flying Piston Benefit at the Buffalo Chip, Sturgis. Feel free to share this link and copy the images from this event.

Thinking about coming to our next event? Well, take a gander of our latest Flying Piston event here, it has the up-to-date details on our past and present events.

2021 Flying Piston

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2021 Flying Piston

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– Donating art for the auction
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A big thank you to Jack Mcintyre for all his hard work behind the lens.