Honey Bun Competition

Evaluating Honey Buns for the 2023 Flying Piston Benefit

On the Lookout for the Best Bun

A superior honey bun typically possesses several key characteristics that set it apart from ordinary ones. So we have been crossing the area from Deadwood to Sturgis to Rapid City to Frostbite Falls in search for the signature Honey Bun treat for the Flying Piston Benefit.

In Search of The Sturgis Sticky Bun

In Search of The Sturgis Sticky Bun: Woody of the Buffalo Chip Judges the Competition

So what are we looking for you ask? Here are some factors that contribute to making a honey bun superior:

  • Flavor: The flavor of a superior honey bun is rich, indulgent, and balanced. It should have a distinct honey taste that is not overly sweet but still offers a delightful sweetness. The pastry should also have a hint of cinnamon or other complementary spices, adding depth to the overall flavor profile.
  • Texture: The texture of a superior honey bun is crucial. It should be soft, moist, and tender on the inside, with a slightly crisp and golden exterior. The pastry layers should be light and fluffy, creating a delightful mouthfeel.
  • Freshness: A superior honey bun is always fresh. It should be baked using high-quality ingredients and made with care to ensure it retains its freshness for as long as possible. The bun should maintain its softness and not become dry or stale.
  • Size and Shape: While this may be subjective, a superior honey bun often has a generous size that satisfies cravings. It should be substantial enough to offer a satisfying treat. The shape can vary but is typically round, coiled, or twisted, allowing for an even distribution of flavor and ensuring each bite is enjoyable.
  • Glaze: A luscious glaze or icing is often present on top of a superior honey bun. It adds an extra layer of sweetness and enhances the overall appearance. The glaze should be thick, glossy, and evenly spread, complementing the flavors of the bun without overpowering them.
  • Ingredients: High-quality ingredients are essential for a superior honey bun. The dough should be made using premium flour, real butter, and fresh eggs, which contribute to its flavor and texture. Additionally, the use of real honey and natural flavors is preferable over artificial substitutes.
  • Attention to Detail: A superior honey bun is made with attention to detail. The baker’s craftsmanship shines through in its appearance, consistency, and overall quality. The bun should be evenly baked, with no burned or undercooked spots, and it should have an enticing aroma that invites you to indulge.

Ultimately, the sweetest, best tasting, and largest Honey Bun will win the day. Updates are forth coming.

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