We interview our 2023 Daytona Art On Deck artist, Yamasha, about being an artist from outside of the United States. And what we found is an Ukrainian artist that is living her best life and deeply affected by the war. We feel blessed that she has a big heart  and that she has enough room to participate in the Flying Piston charity breakfast.

interview with Masha

Masha produces images as realistic as possible and focuses on the details of each item

We Ask Yamasha about Being an Artist

Please give us a few words of introduction about yourself:

Hello! My name is Masha Nepomnyashcha-Berezivska. I’m from Kharkiv (Ukraine) and my pseudonym is artist Yamasha.

I’m was a happy person before the war started. This is probably the most important thing I’d like to tell about myself. Once upon a time as a kid I dreamed of painting, meeting a gorgeous man, traveling and being surrounded by real friends.

Now my dreams have come true. My work and hobbies are related to painting, my beloved husband is the very gorgeous man. My friends are like-minded people you won’t get bored with.

Traveling to multiple countries, both for leisure and on business (to exhibitions), brings a lot of pleasure and new acquaintances.

Each stage in my life was a stepping stone to the dreams of a little girl.

I’m proud and I really love my job. I managed not only to fulfill myself; this is my way to make people happier and more joyful.

After all, my paintings are not just painted cars and motorcycles. Behind each of them there is a person with his/her feelings, impressions, memories, stories. This is probably why I chose this style – photorealism. It helps to capture the details of reality, and oil is the best assistant to convey the mood and energy of life.

Behind each painting there’s not just a fragment of the client’s life, but also mine. Therefore, the best acquaintance with me is my paintings.

2023 Flying Piston Benefit Charity Breakfast and Auction at Daytona Bike Week

2023-Daytona – winners – Masha – Curt Green – Mike Richardson

When did you decide to pursue art as a career?

I tried different fields: advertising design, handicraft fairs organizer, art studio director. Later on I painted for clients on various subjects: architecture, landscapes, still-life, repetitions.

After a while I realized that all that was not my thing. I needed to continue searching, and then I got acquainted with the world of custom.

This totally changed my life when I met my husband. He taught me to see machines from the other side. I tried combining art and technology. I started developing my unique style, with a focus on moto art.

I saw a custom motorcycle, not as a machine but as art. It is a unique and one of a kind thing.

What music do you like to listen to when you work?

When I want energy and drive, I turn on AC / DC, their music makes me move, no matter how bad it is.

What direction are you heading in now?

I’ve always been a person of action. And that’s why maybe it’s a little easier for me now. No, damn it, it’s not easier for me. Whom do I want to deceive after February 24, 2022, all my plans, dreams, were destroyed. when from the Window of my Bolkon, when I saw the first rockets.

The war taught me to live here and now, to appreciate every moment of my life. Everything changes very quickly and I don’t even know what will happen in an hour… I want to learn how to dream big again, make plans and implement them in life!

Artist Yamasha

interview of 2023 Daytona Art On Deck artist, Yamasha

What training did you have?

My family always supported me, but they doubted an artistic occupation, since we live in a country where the artist’s activity in contemporary art is still considered a kind of a questionable self-expression.

Therefore, I’ve got two university degrees:

  • Classic art education
  • Legal (an artist must know how to protect himself / herself)

My parents wanted me to become a lawyer. But after a while I managed to prove that an artist is a full-fledged profession.

What has been the high point of your career so far?

I often hear this question.  I have never been able to answer this question myself and I won’t answer you either. There is no limit to perfection. (We feel that one of the high points for us is Masha’s participation -Ed.)


They are alive for me, having a soul, and they also wish to be painted.

What draws you to drawing moto-art?

It is a unique, one of a kind thing.

Some see nature beauty and paint landscapes. Some see human beauty and paint portraits. I see beauty in motorcycles and paint them. They are alive for me, having a soul, and they also wish to be painted.

I believe one can choose what one likes best, while my soul has strong ties with motorcycles.

Describe your art style?

I do moto art.

Photorealism – I produce images as realistic as possible and focuses on the details of each item. Paintings in this style display real objects with additional, subtle details that create the illusion of reality.

Classically, this term is applicable only to the works of American artists belonging to the late 1960s – early 1970s, but now it is used for paintings of all artists using photographic technique and seeking the most accurate reproduction of the image.

I use oil paints – They are based on natural oils and coloring. Art created with oil differs in high color saturation and texture density. They retain color after drying and is characterized by a high resiliency.

Artist Yamasha

Yamasha’s Studio

Why did you select the Buick Riviera for the image on the skate deck?

The other day I stumbled on Instagram on this awesome car Riviera, there are a lot of videos and photos, and I simply couldn’t pass by.

It has a stylish design, classic feminine shape, and gorgeous lines. It was love at first sight!

I wanted to do something cool, in my style, and in patriotic colors. I was looking to achieve perfect contrast and composition.

What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who view your work? Are you ever surprised by reactions that you get?

I didn’t think about reaching out; I just do what I ❤️!

When I saw that there was a set of artists to participate in the deck contest by Flying Piston. I understand that I should be there.

Thanks so much to Johnny at Gnarly Magazine and Marilyn Stemp from the Flying Piston for this opportunity.

I also understood that I have the opportunity to represent my country! My Ukraine! For me it was like a lifeline, like a breath of fresh air.

From start to finish, how long does it take for you to create the board for the Flying Piston?

My stage of participation began with the search for a skate deck, since we do not sell blanks, I found it in a skates-shops . (Delivery took time). This is the process:

  1. I had preparation, using a grinder, I prepared the surface
  2. Then there was the development of the sketch
  3. Work with paints
  4. Drying
  5. Varnishing

And voila, the skateboard is ready! It is difficult to say exactly how long the art took.

How do you see your relationship with computers? Is it a collaborator or simply a tool?

I am for hand painting. Where it smells of paint and every brush stroke is felt. And artist strives to create a unique piece of art with his own hands. this art is special and one of a kind.

Lately, for some collaborations, I use a tablet and a computer. Even so, I still draw a sketch on paper to get a feel for it.

What are you working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?

To be honest, there is no specific plan. I just trying going my own way in the right direction. despite what’s going on around me.

How to get your art?

Many people joke that I’m always Online regardless of the day of the week and time. You can just write to me on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/_yamasha/.


For those thinking about turning a passion for art into a career, could you give any advice?

My main recommendation is that «everything should be with love».

You must burn with what you are doing, and only then everything will turn out, otherwise it doesn’t work and of course Practice, practice, practice!

Artist Yamasha

The artist Yamasha: she loves art

Thank you Masha! Be safe.


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