Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider for the 2019 Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast

The fearless Jessi Combs was born for everything automotive. Her passion to get in the driver seat and behind the wheel of nearly anything with a motor has led her through some amazing and unusual achievements.

Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider

With a degree in custom automotive fabrication, Jessi has reached out to millions with her build skills on TV shows such as All Girls Garage, Mythbusters and Overhaulin’ to name a few, as well as through community and educational outreach. As the fastest woman on four wheels, first ”Queen” of the Hammers, Ultra4 National Champion, and a Baja 1000 podium finisher, she empowers many through the act of simply leading by example. Her desire to show more women (and men alike) that they too can build their ideas, go fast, get dirty, have fun, and still be feminine shines through everything she does in life.

Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider

Jessi Combs agreed to participate in the Flying Piston Tiny Strider Custom project. I had asked her to join us the first year and she declined, saying she didn’t have time. When I later saw her in Austin after the first-year bikes had been unveiled, she said.

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Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider

“You’re going to ask me again next year and I’m going to say I’m too busy. Don’t let me! I want to build one of those! I already have the idea!”

Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider for $11,000

Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider

And so it was. When her tiny boardtracker was revealed at the Flying Piston Builders Breakfast at the Buffalo Chip last August, it stole the show. The same thing happened at the Mecum Auction on January 25th 2020, when the little bike garnered a bidding war that took it way beyond expectations, selling for $11,000.

The only thing missing that thrilling day was Jessi herself. Her shocking death on August 27, 2019 as she raced to set a land speed record, still leaves a hole in the hearts and minds of car and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

But her efforts and influence will continue to resonate when the money raised from the sale of the tiny boardtracker results in programs being installed in several kindergarten PE classes through AllKidsBike, teaching kids in those schools to ride bikes over the next five years. That’s building new riders!

As Jessi might have said – and as she signed off on emails: vroo00O00oommm… Jessi

Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider Jessi Combs Builds Custom Strider

Flying Piston Benefit Custom Strider Class of 2019

2019 Custom Strider Builders

The Flying Piston Benefit 2019 Custom Strider Bikes

The 2019 star Strider builders are Steve Reed, Xavier Muriel, Devin Henriques, Brian Klock, Jessi Combs, Roy & Nikki Martin, Eric Hermann, Todd “Gilby” Gilberson, Count’s Kustoms, James Washnock,  and Motorcycle Missions.

About Flying Piston Benefit: The Flying Piston Benefit is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News and Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing. The event and silent auction supports veterans issues and the motorcycle industry through fundraisers for non-profits and individuals.

Each Flying Piston Benefit provides a silent auction that is art-oriented and also includes unique and collectible items.

Each event also doubles as an industry get together where enthusiasts, businessmen and women, custom builders, athletes, and artists come together to socialize, enjoy breakfast and support a worthy cause.

To get involved, contact Marilyn Stemp at our contact page or text her at 828-205-8482.

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About Strider: Strider designs lightweight bikes that build two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children. Strider is helping kids learn to ride and developing new motorcycle riders through the AllKidsBike movement which makes bike-riding a part of the kindergarten curriculum.,

Auctioned Off at Mecum Auctions

The 2019 class of Strider Rider Customs were auctioned off by Mecum Auctions during their auto and motorcycle event. ( The 2020 class of builders started after the auction. Check them out here. 

To meet all the Strider Custom Builders, just Surf over to the 2019 Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast page.

By Marilyn Stemp